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Cereal & Cereal Products
‘Cereals – The Nature’s Wonder Food’

A big chunk of food consumed by human beings consists of cereals, which are the cheapest source of food energy and constitute a high percentage of the calorie and proteins. The principal cereal crops are rice, wheat, maize (corn), sorghum (jawar), millets, barley, oats and rye. Of these, rice and wheat are the main cereals of human diet. Cereals are processed and consumed in various forms like bread, biscuits, pastries, cakes, breakfast cereals, etc. pbti’s Agri & Food Testing Laboratory caters to the quality testing needs of cereal based sector by offering following tests:

Acidity (Alcoholic) Gluten Index Uric Acid
Alveograph Granularity Water Absorption Capacity
Ash (Acid Insoluble) Hectolitre Weight Aflatoxins
Ash (Total) Insect and Rodent Contamination Elemental & Heavy Metals Analysis
Damaged Starch Moisture Content Microbiological Tests
Determination of Refractions Particle Size Nutritional Facts
Ergot Pelshenke Test Pesticide Residues
Falling Number Sedimentation Value Others on Demand Basis
Gluten (Wet and Dry) Thousand Kernel Weight    

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